Weekly Calendar

This Week:

Monday-July 19 --  9:00 am, Summer Sewing Group, Fellowship Hall

Monday-July 19-- 10:00 am, GriefShare, Fellowship Classroom

Monday-July 19-- 12:00 pm, Bible Study, Fellowship Classroom

Monday-July 19-- 3:30 pm, Bible Study, Fellowship Classroom

Tuesday-July 20-- 7:00 am, TOPS, Fellowship Hall

Tuesday-July 20-- 1:00 pm, Foothills Social, Fellowship Hall

Wednesday-July 21--  5:00 pm, Bells of Glory, Sanctuary

Wednesday-July 21-- 6:00 pm, Choir rehearsal, Sanctuary

Thursday-July 22-- 8:00 am, Staff Meeting, Offsite

Thursday-July 22-- 9:00 am, Open Hobby, Fellowship Hall

Thursday-July 22-- 10:00 am, Bible Study, Zoom

Thursday-July 22--  5:00 pm, TOPS, Fellowship Classroom 

Friday-July 23-- 8:00 am, TOPS, Fellowship Hall 

Friday-July 23-1:00 pm, Foothills Social, Fellowship Hall

Friday-July 23-- 6:00 pm, Women's AA, Fellowship Classroom

Sunday-July 25-- 9:30am, Worship/Communion, Sanctuary



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Weekly Service

Sunday:   9:30 am 

Live Stream  at 9:30 am 

Nursery service is available at the 9:30 service.

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

8:00 am - 12:00 pm


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

If you need anything after these times, please call and leave a message and we will return your call.  Thank you